What is this?

This is a fluidbox integration for the Ghost.org Blogging Platform that I've developed. By adding a single line to the footer section in the Ghost Admin Panel, it adds additional functionality to the blogging platform. When you click on an image, either standalone or in a gallery, it will pop a modal to reveal a larger view of that image. It is customizable via a configuration object.

Check it out on Github

This is a classic ride.


  • Both stand-alone and gallery images are clickable. This doesn't include images added via markdown mode.
  • Auto-dismiss on scroll
  • Ability to use image as back-drop
  • Ability to show captions in modal
  • Ability to navigate images with arrow keys.


Live Demo: SCROLL DOWN 👇

How to use

Drop this line into your site-footer section in the ghost admin panel

  <script async src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/coreysnyder04/fluidbox-ghost-blog-plugin@0.1.0/fluidbox-ghost-blog-plugin.min.js"></script>


Currently you can customize two different things by adding this above that script:

    window.fluidboxGhostConfig = {
      theme: 'image-backdrop', // Options: light, dark, image-backdrop, hsla(262, 100%, 82%, 0.6)
      showCaption: true, // Sets whether to capture the caption and show it below the image when expanded


Updates to Ghost Blogging Platform which change the HTML affecting images might break this integration. To combat this I will release versions which align with the versions of Ghost.

Tacky Wall