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This blog is running on an Amazon EC2 instance, with the photos uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket. I've converted the blog from running on Apache-Linux-PHP-Wordpress-MySQL to Linux-Nginx-NodeJS-Ghost Blog Platform.
Theme: A Custom theme I'm working on based on Bootstrap CSS.
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Past Projects

Space Shooter – HTML5 (June 2013)

Zombie Ops – HTML5 / iOS (March 2013)

Zombie Holiday – HTML5 / iOS (December 2012)

Slingshot Snowball (November 2011)

My First HTML5 Game I sent to the Chrome Webstore. It was more of a prototype to see if I could make a simple game using an HTML Canvas and JavaScript. – Lead UI Engineer (2/14/2011 – 2/3/2012)

Background: FlyMuch was the first funded web start-up I joined. I was lucky to join them as the Lead UI Engineer which meant I did nearly all of the front-end work, and had a major influence in the direction we went in regards to all things UI and Frontend.

Backend Tech: PHP 5.3, Jenkins, Postgres, Redis.

Frontend Tech: jQuery, Masonry - Founder & Developer (2008 – 2013)

Background: This was a site my friend and I started to keep track of all of the stats for every game played in the Chiller Adult Hockey Leage. It offered, for the first time, the ability to view the top players in every league by Goals, Assits, Points, and Penalty Munites. It also kept a history of how the teams and players had done in previous seasons.
Technology: The site ran on a simple L.A.M.P. stack. We used ZEND Framework as well.

If you need development help or just want to chat about a cool project you’re working on, use the contact form.