This blog is running on an Amazon EC2 instance, with the photos uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket. Previously this blog was running on Apache-Linux-PHP-Wordpress-MySQL and I've moved it over to Linux-Nginx-NodeJS Ghost Blog Platform.

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Ongoing and Past Projects (Mid 2019-Present)

I wanted to learn GraphQL as well as brush up on some NodeJS Server-side development so I created
On the Front-End I'm using ReactJS w/ Hooks, React Apollo, Webpack for building/devserver, and React-Bootstrap and Styled Components for UI. It's deployed as a static site to an S3 bucket.

On the Back-End I've setup a NodeJS GraphQL implementation using GraphQL-Yoga and the client and Prisma database as a service. It's deployed to AWS EC2 and I'm sending emails with AWS SES.

Aerial Photography (Late 2018-Present)

I've been getting more and more into the Cinemetography, Photography, and Commercial side of Drones. Over Christmas Holiday I enrolled in a course on getting my Part 107 Commercial Drone License and in early January went and passed my test. In early 2019 I started, Moonlit Aerial, am Aerial imaging company and I've been taking side-jobs in that space.

Drone FPV Racing (2015-Present)

In Spring of 2015 I built my first Quadcopter drone and got hooked. Over the next few months I built more than 10 different drones and flew every chance I got. That Fall I found myself in Muncie, Indiana competing in the 2015 MultiGP National Championship under the pilot handle RoscoFPV. I've since then competed in 2 National Championships, won many regional and out-of-state races, and I've had to pleasure of flying drones in multiple countries including Germany and Switzerland. I got really into the technical side of Drone racing involving the hardware and software. I started a Youtube channel where I post how-to videos on those topics and have over 1500 subscribers today.

Automotive Racing (2014-2016)

On Cinco de Mayo 2014 I purchased a brand new 2015 Subaru WRX STI. For the next few years this became my project. I got very into auto-cross and racing events and even got in some track days at Mid-Ohio Raceway.

Game Development

I got pretty heavy into video-game development after creating a basic slingshot game from scratch JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. That project sparked my interest and from there I spent a couple years working on different video-games eventually getting into Unity, 3D Modeling, and Spine 2D. You can read more about that here.

Unity Development (2013-2015)

I never got a game to release using the Unity platform but I put in hundreds of hours of development on it and partnered on a few projects with other developers.

Space Shooter – HTML5 (June 2013)
Zombie Ops – HTML5 / iOS (March 2013)
Zombie Holiday – HTML5 / iOS (December 2012)
Slingshot Snowball (November 2011) - Founder & Developer (2008 – 2013)

This was a site my friend and I started to keep track of all of the stats for every game played in the Chiller Adult Hockey League. It offered, for the first time, the ability to view the top players in every league by Goals, Assists, Points, and Penalty Minutes. It also kept a history of how the teams and players had done in previous seasons.
The site ran on a simple L.A.M.P. stack. We used ZEND Framework as well.

If you need development help or just want to chat about a cool project you are working on, use the contact form.