• All of these builds & wiring guides are for flight controllers that run Betaflight. If you're interested in how I configure Betaflight on all of my quads, check out this video.
  • Some of these wiring guides involve Spektrum Satellite receivers and some of them involve Taranis receivers. At some point in the last few months I switched over from spektrum b/c I was having many failsafe issues and it bothered me not having RSSI. Check out my new radio here.

Asgard32 Wiring Guide

This guide is for the Asgard32 from Airbot including:

  • 3 Receiver Types
    • TBS Crossfire
    • Spektrum
    • FrSky
  • Smart Audio
  • Camera Control

Omnibus F4 with TBS Crossfire

A guide to wiring up TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2 to the Omnibus F4 Pro. This is probably my favorite usage of components and wring. It's dead simple and includes every bell and whistle you could want. Wired like this. I am able to change almost every setting on my quad through the Taranis radio screen included PIDs, Anti-Gravity Settings, and includes VTX settings like Band/Channel, PIT Mode, or Power output. If you're interested in more info on this, check out my youtube video here.

Omnibus F7 & IRC Tramp HV

A guide to wiring up the Omnibus F7 with the IRC TrampHV with smart-audio. I'm also using the Wrait32 Plus 32-bit ESC & a LemonRX as my receiver.

Omnibus F4 Nano v4 with Ori32

A guide to wiring up the Omnibus F4 nano v4 with the Ori32 using the UnifyPro HV with smart-audio and the R-XSR. Note that I would have really liked to include S.Port Telemetry but did not get it working. Wired like this requires some motor remapping in Betaflight which I detail here

Omnibus F4 Pro with all the bells and whistles

A guide to wiring up the Omnibus F4 Pro with S.Port Telemetry from the R-XSR and Smart-Audio from the UnfiyProHV

Plain-Jane Omnibus F4 With no bells and whistles

This is probably how I first wired up this FC. This was back when I used PDBs and no smart audio or telemetry. I would not wire things up like this today.