I decided to take my cannon ball game and switch it up a little by swapping the cannon out with a sling shot, similar to Angry Birds. I really liked the dynamics of that game play, so I took it a step further by switching out all those hand drawn graphics with actual images. I was very surprised at the difference it makes when you have half decent graphics in place. Without changing the game-play, it instantly felt like a better game. The next local step was making it more playable.

I made it so the levels go on infinitely. The less shots it takes to kill the chicken, the more points you get for completing that level. If you can't kill the chickens in 5 shots, you lose, and restart at the beginning.

At level 5 you'll start seeing wind. Wind can rage from 0 to 70mph and can blow in either direction. At level 10, and every 5 there-after, an extra chicken will pop up. You won't get any more shots than 5, so eventually you will lose.

The secret to the highest score is to rack up as many points while the levels are easy. Towards the end, you'll be lucky to finish with 2 chickens.

My High Score: 67
Try and beat it, and then post your score in the comments! As always, please provide feedback so I can make the game better.

Game Link: Slingshot Cannonball!