I'm currently selling my iPhone4.

Here's the eBay posting Info:

This is a used iPhone 4, 16GB Black with the latest iOS 5.1.1 for ATT Network. The phone is Jailbroken with Cydia installed. I can remove this and restore the phone if you wish. The phone is in full working condition with no major scratches or any cracks on the device. It has been kept in a Bumper case with screen protectors on front-back for the entire time I've had it. There are two minor defects that do not affect usage. It has a smear of yellow tinted pixels on the top-left side of the screen that is only visible when viewing solid colors in that area. Otherwise you'd never notice it. I attached 2 pictures, one with a solid white background which is when it shows up the most. Also the top "unlock" button is no longer springy. It still works, but it doesn't have that little "Click" sound when pressing it. When used in a case you can't tell the difference.I'm selling it with the original wall charger, charging cable, headphones, Apple Bumper case, my remaining screen protectors, and the desktop stand/charger (holds it upright). All of this was well taken care of and in full working condition.

I am selling to upgrade to the iPhone 5 so this item will ship on the 21st, 1 day after the auction ends.