If you're into HTML5 Game Development I think you will enjoy the resources linked below. If you'd like to submit content to me to add to future link-dumps please do so: coreysnyder at gmail. SUBJECT: HTML5 Links.


  • PhobosLab - Here's a guy doing experiments to determine the input lag of different browsers which can have a significant effect on the playability of browser-based games.
  • Pocket Island - Wooga has released their HTML5 Mobile social game Pocket Island as open-source.
  • Code inComplete - A really informational and detailed write-up on the making of an HTML5 Canvas racing game.
  • Strike Fortress - EA Games showing off an all HTML5 & WebGL Game
  • ImpactConnect - Here's a guy combining Impact.JS Engine with Node.JS to create a Multi-player HTML5 game.


  • Cloud Party - A browser based second-life style game which is built on WebGL
  • X-Type - A cool HTML5 game. Lags up my browser quite a bit though! Here's a making of link as well.


  • Firefox Command Line - Firefox13 to include a command line for developers.
  • Box2DJS - A physics engine built off prototypeJS. I will definitely be trying this in my next game.