The Plan

I'd like the gate openings to be MultiGP regulation size (5'x5') after the mesh sides/top are added. That adds an extra two feet to the sides and one on top.

The Parts

  • $76 - 156 feet of PVC Piping. It's sold in 10 foot segments so we'll need at least 16 of those. They Run $4.77 at Home Depot.
  • $24.86 - 8 x 4-way fitting
  • $11.05 - 4 x 3-way fitting
  • $4.08 - 8 x Straight Fitting - This wouldn't be necessary except we can't buy our PVC in 6' and 7' segments. They come in 10' so we'll need to connect our leftovers.
  • $11.91 PVC Glue - Only if you want your fittings to stay on.

Total: $127.82

Seems expensive but that's a lot of gate and you'll be able to use it in so many ways. I mean.. you could even lay it on it's side and do a tunnel or some crazy S turns.

Phototshop Twice, cut once

Here's how I plan to cut it up. Regardless of how I do it, I need 12 7' pieces and 12 6' pieces. I'll end up wasting 4' of PVC but I'm OK with that.

The tower just survived a full 20 person race day. We had both "Open" and "Novice" class and the tower took a TON of hits but it remained standing.

Here's a video recap of the race:

Heres some video fo me dive bombing the tower: