The Zombie Holiday takes place in a time where zombies have overtaken the earth. Fortunately for the human population one man was left standing, Santa Claus. You play as Santa manning his souped up snow cannon at the north pole fighting off waves of Zombie Elves, Snowmen, Reindeer and more. You must use your arsenal of cannon weapons to survive!


Since the Development Team includes a couple web developers, we’re developing this game using web technologies. The game is rendered into the HTML5 Canvas Element and we’re using JavaScript for all of the game logic. Initially for the menus and overlays we were using basic HTML DOM Elements and manipulating it with jQuery. That didn’t port well to iOS so we re-wrote the menus to work inside of the HTML5 canvas. The original game was written from scratch JavaScript but we’ve converted the game over to the ImpactJS Engine in the last few months. The transition was extremely smooth and since doing so, development has sped up rapidly.

Deployment Plan:

The game was first released as a web-app simply due to the ability for us to iterate quickly and get feedback to improve the game. By Christmas we hoped to have the game available in the iPhone & Android markets as well. UPDATE 12/16: Unfortunately due to unforeseen complications with the available frameworks, the game will not make the android marketplace by Christmas.

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