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Brushless Tiny Whoop Attempt #2

Ok, if you didn't see my first try at building a brushless whoop check it out here. Since then I have rebuilt the quad using the larger Rakon Delrin frame which can swing a 40mm Prop. My hope was that using a larger prop and sticking with 1S I could get better flight performance and flight times. I was wrong.. :(

The quad is 32g dry and 46g with a 500mah 1S battery.

Here's what my flights look like on the new frame... There are 2 thinks to take note of in this video.

  1. The props don't stay on. I've opened a few packs of props and these motor shafts aren't consistent across all 4 motors. 1 consistently can't hold a prop.
  2. The front-left motor stops spinning under throttle while the others keep on trucking. Especially if I throttle up quickly. It seems like it doesn't have the strength to get a 40mm prop like this going?

A thread on RCGroups I'm tracking: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2959882-SSunnysky-Mini-0705-15000KV-motor/page3#post38958379




Corey Snyder

Corey Snyder

Senior Front-End Engineer for Aver Inc.. I have independently developed & released multiple video-games. I play Ice Hockey, I race FPV Drones, and I love my Subaru WRX STI.

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